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Tombstone Carving Can Also Have Artistic Beauty

With the development of society, people’s pursuit of aesthetics is getting higher and higher. The same is true for the tombstone industry. Today’s tombstones are no longer the traditional old-fashioned tombstones, but the artistic tombstones with various shapes and colorful decorations. The emergence of artistic tombstones has made people’s views on tombstones constantly changing. People no longer have the feeling of resistance and fear, and they appreciate works of art.
A luxurious art tombstone, in addition to its large-scale appearance, also needs to be decorated on the tombstone’s surface. These decorative techniques include relief carving, shadow carving and sandblasting.
First, relief
To be decorated on the tombstone surface, the engraving process is embossed, which is a kind of sculpture that engraves the undulating image on the plane. Emboss is rich in content, form and material.
The use of embossed carving on the tombstone surface is the most engraving process for engraving a luxurious art tombstone. The relief not only makes the tombstone thin and three-dimensional, but also highlights the strong contrast between the black and white tombstones, and the visual effect is more prominent.
Second, shadow carving
The carving process of shadow carving is generally applied to the black tombstone, which is based on the unique black and white image of the shadow carving. The advantage of shadow carving is that it has the same artistic effect as photographic optics and can reflect the brushstroke technique of painting. It is a unique artistic charm.
Third, sand blasting
Sandblasting is one of the most efficient engraving methods in all engravings. It is a mechanical operation that uses the impact of high-speed sand flow to clean and rough the surface of the substrate. However, the blasting effect has no embossing and shadow carving, and the shape is relatively vague. But it reflects another style, a little vicissitudes! For tombstones, it is just right!
Compared to traditional tombstones, the art tomb can highlight the image of the tomb owner. Now, the emergence of art tombstones has made people’s views on tombstones constantly changing. It can give people a visual or even psychological impact through the creation of various ways to profoundly express people’s special feelings for the deceased. And it can beautify the environment and integrate with the surrounding environment to convey people’s understanding and perception of life.
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