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Stone Headstone Processing And Production Steps

The stone Headstone is also made by step by step processing. Let’s take a look at it.
First, the mining of stone: Most of the Headstone raw materials are granite stone. These stones need to go to the mining, and mining these stones also requires professional technicians to complete.
Second, the processing of stone:
1. Mining good stone materials and logistics to the factory for processing, through the diamond disc bulk material cutting machine, according to the Headstone drawing size, cut the stone of the basic large parts required for the Headstone.
2. Cut the stone of the large piece of material, according to the specific size of the Headstone required drawings, cut the required Headstone widget with a small cutting machine. Thus, the stone that is generally required for each part of the entire Headstone has been cut.
Stones processed and cut by stone are generally block-shaped and strip-shaped. It is necessary to use other equipment such as drilling machinery to process arcs of different curvature radii, grooves on the surface of the Headstone, and various shapes of the end face of the Headstone, so that the contour is basically formed.
Third, the processing of Headstones:
1. Grinding the basic contour of the stone with a hand grinder, and then grinding the other small end faces and curved surfaces with a manual small machine. The basic shape of a Headstone is basically fixed.
2. Polish the large plane with the hand-held water mill. For example, the main monument and the cover of the Headstone need to be polished.
Fourth, the surface of the Headstone is engraved: the general Headstone will engrave some patterns for the luxurious appearance of the appearance, and will also emboss the relief, sinking and so on. For example: the shape of the dragon column, stone lion, elephant, Ruyi and so on.
5. Complete installation and acceptance of the product: Since the Headstones are processed by sub-components, after all the components have been processed, all the processed parts are to be inventoried, and the complete set of installations and acceptance are carried out. If there is a problem there and needs to be modified, it must be corrected immediately to avoid problems with the customer.
6. Use foam and wooden frame to classify and package the products according to the components. It is necessary to install the products and customer information in the packaging to avoid the confusion of the products.
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