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The Role Of CAD Drawings In The Design And Production Of Headstone Stone

In China, stone products are developing towards high-grade, special-shaped, artistic, large-scale development, and the quality of stone products in the building decoration industry is also becoming higher and higher, and more and more varieties of stone-shaped products are required. This puts stone production on the road of automated, mechanized, and continuous high-volume, large-scale, and safe production from extensive.
In order to improve the quality and type of stone processing, the processing equipment for special-shaped stone products is developing in the direction of numerical control, intelligent single machine, and multi-function. The data shows that foreign stone special-shaped machining centers are completed with CNC system CAD / CAM for stone processing, and the tool library provides various curved polishing and other processes; its processing equipment is developing towards miniaturization, and the corresponding cutting, drilling, and milling are produced. , Grinding and other diamond tools, and continue to make diamond tools in the direction of flexibility to adapt to the processing of various curved surfaces, curves.
China’s stone materials are extremely rich. When vigorously opening up domestic and foreign markets, in addition to processing and manufacturing equipment in line with international standards, methods must also make full use of modern computer software technologies. The advanced nature of CAD / CAM technology can greatly improve Increase production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality.
Product design and modeling directly through CAD / CAM reduces stone waste and significantly saves drawing time
With the improvement of Chinese people’s living standards and aesthetic taste, high-quality, artistic, and diverse stone craft products have begun to be widely used in the decoration of buildings, squares, homes and other places. Among them, special-shaped stone products account for decorative stone The proportion is gradually increasing.
We know that processing stone products with traditional techniques, wiring, designing and drawing on the stone, and then cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, polishing and other processes that rely entirely on personal technical level, cause time-consuming and labor-intensive work in the early stage. In addition to increasing production costs, the technical level of workers also severely restricts the quality and variety of products, making them less suitable for mass production.
With CAD / CAM technology, the design can not only complete the stone modeling, design calculation, drawing, and solid rendering in the computer, but also evaluate the product performance in the design stage, so that the designer can start from the heavy drawing (a product one (Pictures), and spend more time studying the shape of the stone, so as to design better quality shaped products to enhance the international competitiveness of China’s stone products.
Stone processing and manufacturing through CNC center, significantly improve production quality and efficiency
The development level of stone processing technology determines the appearance and quality of stone processing products.
Stone processing often requires the designer to design the shape of the product, and then the programmer compiles the corresponding CNC machining program, but the “bottleneck” problems such as low programming efficiency, long CNC programming time, and short CNC machining seriously affect the stone processing Productivity.
The use of CAD / CAM technology can completely avoid the above problems. After the modeling drawing is completed, perform simulation processing in the computer: select the appropriate tool; determine the appropriate processing method; draw up the tool path; verify the simulation simulation by the computer entity. In this way, tools and workpieces can be detected during machining. The interference phenomenon of tools and equipment, tools and fixtures, check the correctness of the NC code until the physical verification is satisfactory. Then use NC automatic programming technology in CAD / CAM technology to generate NC code and store it in the computer. It provides the most effective technical guarantee for improving product quality, reducing material waste, improving production efficiency, and significantly reducing production costs.
The use of advanced CAD / CAM technology for stone design and manufacturing can save time and effort, realize drawing-free processing, and it is important to ensure the exquisite stone products, shorten the stone design and production cycle, and greatly reduce In addition to the production cost, improve the overall quality of the product, it is more important to successfully integrate with the international CAD industry and meet the requirements of international CAD / CAM technology. It is an important technology for fully exploring domestic and foreign markets.
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